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Post by Dark Lord Willice on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:48 pm

Lvl 1.
Kick (5 dmg)
Punch (5 dmg)

Left/Right Jab (10 Dmg)

Kick1 (15 dmg)

Foce Push (10 Dmg)
Force Move (moves items)
Minor Lightsaber (any light color)

Minor Jab (20 DMG)
Minor Slash (20 DMG)

Lvl. 6
Minior Cut (25 DMG)
Slash (25 DMG)

Full lightsaber
Block (blocks all blasters and 50% lightsaber)

Force Field (blocks everything, creats an unpenitrable field thatnothing can get through unless the jedi attacks)
Block Counter (counters any block move by a jedi/sith)

Force Peace (stops all battling between anyone in the ship or on the planet unless the jedi attacks(players and NPC's)
Lightsaber blast (must have other player in a force pull, lets you jab right through someone with the lightsaber, 100 dmg)

Lvl. 10
Minor Lightning (50 DMG)
Force Perswade (convinces NPC's to join your side)
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