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Post by zuko2001 on Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:29 pm

To build something in production, you must first only build stuff that your faction owns. If you are independent, you can build anything. In the trade section if a ship becomes available, then anybody from any faction can buy it regardless of the faction ownership.

To build, you must be on a planet that produces that category of ship/item. For example, you can only build capital ships on planets that build capital ships (see planets).

Factions can produce ships with faction money, but the ships/items can only be given to players if for use of faction. It is not their personal ship and therefore must be returned to the faction. If it isn't, chances are the faction will hunt you down and make you pay!

You can only build on planets owned by your faction, or that are independent or have no ownership.

With regards to NPCs, if you personally are going somewhere with a ship, you can replace the Capital Ship Commander NPC with yourself. With starfighters and other ships, you can replace one of the pilots if you are personally flying in the ship.

if you are in hyperspace, you cannot build things. it is considered that you are occupied and are not yet at a place where items can be built. the moment you go to hyperspace, you cannot trade, produce, research etc. if you have stuff under construction beforehand, it continues to be built even though you are no longer at the planet.

do note that custom parts is only for building your own ship from scratch. there are no upgrades in place yet so do not buy custom parts for a ship that is already built or offered in production

upgrades can be bought on all production planets. remember to specify which ship you are upgrading and update your stats accordingly

Production Using NPCs

Production can now be conducted if NPCs are present. A player can hire an NPC and send it to a planet to do building. As long as the player or an NPC is at the planet of building origin, production can than occur.

If building using an NPC, please configure your post to look like:

Starting Credits
Building Item(s) + Stats of item
NPC or Player
Days to Build

Final Credit Balance remaining.

Only Builder NPCs can build. Due note some Pilot NPCs and other CLass NPCs are capable of building

You CAN build multiple items. You do not have to wait for one to complete to start another. Once an item has started production, you or your NPC can leave the planet and go elsewhere should you wish. They do not need to stay at the planet for the whole production to complete

OK, so here's a very important rule. This will not effect old productions already under constructions, but new ones from this point forward will be effected.

The number of how many ships can be built at a planet is dependent on how many shipyards the planet has. For instance, if the planet has one cap shipyard, then it can only build one cap ship at a time. The more shipyards you have, the more you can build. The only exemptions to this will be the stats of the shipyards. Some shipyards will state that they can build more than one at a time.

Planets now have a production cap. Players can only build on each planet,25 buildings and 50 on capital planets

As for space, there is now a limit of 20 space stations per planet. Please re-read all rules regarding production as there seems to be some confusions.

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