Illegal weapons

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Illegal weapons

Post by Darth Revan on Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:34 am

" PST! " You hear, then you go into a alley, " Want some weapons? " The man said

1x DXR - 6 Disrupter Rifle ( 1,000 credits ) <-- Illegal on New Republic and Knight planets, when hit, your body will begin to disintegrate for a second or two.

1x Modified DLL - 42 ( 1,750 ) <-- Illegal on New Republic and Knight planets, It does 10 damage and shoots 2 times per turn. It has a grapple gun so you can chase a Jedi or Sith using Force jump.

1x DC - 19 ' Stealth ' Carbine ( 4,500 ) <-- Illegal on New Republic planets, it does 35 damage per shot and can shoot up to 10 times a turn. After the 10 shots, you must wait 2 turns for cool down, and 1 turn for reload. It doesn't make any noise when shot and the lasers are invisible.
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Re: Illegal weapons

Post by Dark Lord Willice on Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:28 am

You walk away and go to another place were more waepons await

4x GXG-33 Blaster Snipers
Illegal: Maslon Empire, Knights
Shoots a stealth laser (20 DMG)
Grappler (catches a jedi/sith)
Long Range Laser (50 DMG)
Cost: 4,000
location: Couricant Crime Region

1x Plasma Gun
the land version of the death stars "planet killer" this is extreamly powerful
Shoots a powerful beam that after 5 turns destroys a vehical
DMG: 100
Cost: 4,000,000
Location: Kuat Production Ring (Trade Section)
Seller: Darth Vader

1x Lightsaber Gauntlet
a pair of braclets that have 1 lightsaber knife in them each
DMG: 2x Lightsaber thrusts (10 DMG)
Cost: 4,000
Location: Alderaan
Seller: Princes Laya 2nd

1x Double Lightsaber
a lightsaber that has 2 sides
DMG: Regular lightsaber dmg *2
Location: Couricant
Cost: 400
Seller: Emporer Palpitine
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