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Dark Side Of the force Powers Empty Dark Side Of the force Powers

Post by Dark Lord Willice on Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:30 am

(Can only use 2 difforent moves per turn)

Lvl 1. (Minor)
Minor Punch (5 dmg)
Minor Kick (10 Dmg)

Lvl 2. (Fighter)
Punch (10 dmg)
Kick (12 Dmg)

Lvl 3. ( Warrior)
Force Move (can move objects, if dropped on another charictor they loose 10 dmg)
Force Push (15 dmg)

Lvl 4. (Apprentice)
Trainer Lightsaber (color is white no choice)(15 dmg)
Foce Heal (regains 5 health per turn to the player or a target)

Lvl 5. (Sith Apprentice)
Lightsaber (Black or Red)
Minor Slash (20 dmg)
Minor Stab (20 Dmg)

Lvl 6.
Slash (25 dmg)
Minor Block (block oncoming blaster fire of 20 dmg or below unless specified otherwise, does not block lightsaber)
Stab (30 dmg)

Lvl 7.
Block 1(blocks all blaster fire and takes 1/2 of lightsaber dmg away if attacked by another jedi/sith)
Lunge (50 dmg)
Force Shield (give player a shield of 400)

Lvl 8.
Minor Lightning (50 dmg)
Block 2 (blocks everything accept poisinous darts or specified otherwise)

Lvl 9.
Block Counter (counters block move by jedi or sith)
Minor Corrupt (can corrupt a NPC to join your side)

Lvl 10.
Lightning (100 Dmg)
Corrupt (Corrupts 10 NPC's to join your side)
Force Crush (destroys 1 vehicle or 1 NPC/Player)
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