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Darth Revan's travels Empty Darth Revan's travels

Post by Darth Revan on Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:12 am

Coruscant - Fondor - Endor - Bespin - Hoth: 4 hours

Name: Ebon Hawk
Hull: 500
Shields: 1,200
Speed: 13
Carries: 15 passengers, or 6 light vehicles, or 7 passengers and 3 light vehicles.

Heavy Transport
StructureHull: 500
Class: Transport
Size: Carries 15 Passengers or 6 Light Vehicles or 7 Passengers and 3 Light Vehicles

Class 0.5 Hyperdrive Engine
Fits: Escorts/Transports
Speed: 8

AMK Genrator
Shield: 550
Class: Transport, Firgate, Capital Ship

AXL I Upgrade
Class: All Space Craft
Upgrade: Upgrades hyperdrive speed by 1 (if speed was originally 3, speed is now 4)
Limit: Once per ship

AXL II Upgrade
Class: All Space Craft
Upgrade: Upgrades hyperdrive by 2
Limit: Once per ship

HTU AI Upgrade
Class: Transport, Frigate, Capital Ship
Upgrade: Upgrades Hyperdrive by 4
Limit one per ship

TSB II Sheild Upgrade
Upgrades Shields by 200 (add 200 to current shield level)

TSB IIIA Shield Upgrade
Upgrades shields by 450 (add 450)

Heavy Turbolasers:

* Capital Ships
Class: Capital Ships. Frigates, Transports
Strength (per turn): 5
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