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Post by Dark Lord Willice on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:40 pm

Name:Reskas(His family name is Servarim, but all his family is dead.)
Allegence:Independent, but he'll ally with whoever pay him most.
Starting Planet:Coruscant
Home Planet:Tatooine
Force Power:7/10
Force:Grey, though he has tendencies to stray to the light occasionally.
Lightsaber Color:Orange
Skin Color:
Life:Reskas grew up as a slave on tatooine. His parents we're ship builders and one of the best. The built for the empire for years. They weren't paid
very well though. So, in order to keep profits up, they started building for other people. They weren't supposed to though. They we're made into criminals, and they fled. They went to Nar Shadaa...And we're killed. Reskas was not killed, and hutt hired thugs made him a slave. He lived a fairly common slave life. Doing the various small things young slaves could do. Things went on as common as they could be in his life...Until a rogue jedi visited him. He sensed potential in him and started to train him in secret between work. Once he was sixteen, having been trained for many years, the jedi had planned to take him away from the planet and remove the thing that kept him trapped here. His slave implant. He managed to remove the implant and take him away from the planet. He was given equipment, including a lightsaber. He trained him again, for five years. He was tired of training at this point. He was ready to follow the jedi anywhere at this point. Seeing him as the last family he had. One day though...He left. Now reskas uses his talent to help himself and protect people...If they pay enough.

Bio:Reskas is mercenary with the skills of a jedi knight who uses his skills to pay for his life. He likes adventure, combat and money. Not much else.
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